10 Reasons I Rock at Being a Mum – #RockingMotherhood Tag


Recently the lovely Jen from Tripping Through Treacle tagged me to take on the #RockingMotherhood Challenge and write ten reasons why I rock at being a mum. I was flattered but also a bit worried about finding ten actual things!

As mothers, we often don’t feel that we are enough. We are so busy with everyday life that we often feel guilty about the time we spend or don’t spend with our children and also whether it is ‘quality time’. We are so pressured by social media and TV, where families are often portrayed as perfect because everyone only talks about the good stuff, the stuff everyone wants to remember. It can lead us to compare and forget that we are actually doing a pretty good job ourselves.

I think doing this challenge really helped me to reflect on this.

The #RockingMotherhood tag was created by Pat from White Camellias as a way of celebrating the small but great things that we mothers do every day.

So here are ten reasons why I rock at being a mum:
  1. Noodle knows he is loved. I tell him every day. There is no shortness on cuddles and kisses in our house. In fact, we have a secret super strong cuddle that gives me loads of energy when I’m tired. He squeezes me as tight as he can and I’m having those cuddles for as long as possible before he gets older and figures out that you can’t get energy from a cuddle.
  2. I’m raising Noodle to care about our planet. We are currently doing the 30DaysWild challenge for June. It’s a way to take time every day to look at nature, really look at it or get involved. I teach him little things from being kind to even the scariest looking spider to taking his litter to the bin.
  3. I’m not afraid to teach him right from wrong. Noodle has clear boundaries. He needs them, he thrives on them. It’s like a safety net for him, he knows exactly where he stands.
  4. Noodle is a kind and compassionate boy. I teach him to consider other people’s opinions and thoughts. I help him question why somebody acted in a certain way and that things might not be as they seem at first.
  5. I’m not a helicopter mum. I let him get on with things and push him a little when he needs convincing. I’m a very careful person and that has rubbed off on him when it comes to being daring – jumping off high things, climbing up a tree; with stuff like this he is just as careful as me. But he is confident in most social situations, often insisting on making a speech at family gatherings or getting himself a packet of crisps from the bar at our local pub.
  6. Noodle enjoys very much being creative and that is something I really want to support him with. I am not great at drawing or such like but I try my best and we often do craft projects together. I often turn some of his homework into a mini craft project. It helps him hugely to just sit and focus making the rest of the homework a breeze.
  7. Noodle already has his own camera. For those reading, who don’t know me personally, you may have noticed that I love to take a photo. It’s a passion that I started rather late in my life so as long as Noodle is still interested, I will help him as much as I can.
  8. I let Noodle be bored. I don’t have the energy, cash-flow or time to be shipping him around from one club to another and I really don’t think it’s necessary. In fact, I think it’s quite important that kids are occasionally bored as it helps them come up with stuff to do, all by themselves. Being an only child and me having always worked from home around him, means that he is actually really good at playing by himself. He gets really into it and it’s lovely to listen to.
  9. Talking openly about difficult subjects is something that is very important to me. I’m not afraid to have the bees and birds talk. He is six and I’m amazed at how much he already knows. Obviously, it is important to put subjects into age-appropriate language, but I think it’s really important to be as honest as possible. Kids are clever and they don’t like being told fibs. I also try to be honest with him about my illness. At the moment, he hasn’t noticed too much of it, but he has seen me giving myself an injection. In time, as he inevitably will come to me with more questions, I will tell him in a way he can understand.
  10. I prefer to give time and experiences rather than ‘things’. In an ideal world, Noodle would only have one material present on his birthday or Christmas. My husband’s opinion is somewhat different so we often reach a compromise on this. Ask yourself though, what do you remember most about your childhood? It’s probably something like a holiday, a favourite place, playing in the mud, a funny occasion, a tree house you built with your mates. It’s probably not what you got for Christmas when you were eight. The simple experiences in life are definitely a lot more important than material things.

Well, that wasn’t actually too difficult. As I said, it was a great way to reflect and assure myself that, amongst all the boring and tedious day-to-day, I am doing a good job.

Thank you so much Jen, for tagging me. I’d love to read what these fellow bloggers have to say and nominate to take part in the #RockingMotherhood Challenge:

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Total Chill-out Weekend at Sumners Ponds, West Sussex

Last weekend we got away from it all. Roo had been working away on freelance contracts in Bristol for a few weeks and we felt we needed to have a proper family catch-up. Just us three, a couple of fishing lakes, a good book for me… It was pure bliss. I have honestly not felt so chilled in years!

The week previous was incredibly tough. I had a fall and sprained my ankle, badly. This also coincided with have a rather high dose of steroids for 5 days to work on a potential relapse I was having. The steroids are just the pits. Only now, after coming off them and them leaving my system, I realise that the week was a complete blur. Night sweats but feeling freezing at the same time, insatiable hunger, a bitter taste in my mouth 24 hours no matter what I ate, tiredness beyond belief, my face flushed and puffed up, back pain, sore skin all over and a general brain fog that made me feel as if I wasn’t really present, everything muffled and the world miles away. My dose finished Wednesday and I finally felt it lifting on Saturday afternoon. It was like being high, I swear I felt 10 kg lighter!

At Sumners Ponds we stayed in little Shepherd’s Hut. It was magical! Right by the lake, one double bed, a word burning stove and just the bare essentials. We spent Saturday by the lake, boys doing some fishing and me reading, putting up my foot. We had a couple of BBQs in the evenings and ate at the cafe on-site on Sunday night. Noodle made a few friends which reminded me of those special summer holidays when we were children ourselves, we barely saw our parents all day, playing out with other kids who had travelled from all over the country. I cannot believe he is old enough to do this himself now and make all these amazing memories.

We took small (and slow!) strolls to the local pub in the village, had picnics, watched the bats darting over the lake in the evenings, reading, drinking wine and then cozied up in our little hut for the night, sleeping tops and tails in the small double bed. It was the relaxing break we all needed.


If you’re interested staying there yourself, or just visiting for a day’s fishing, here’s their website: http://www.sumnersponds.co.uk/

frau naish

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Our day at the British Wildlife Centre

British wildlife centre

What a fantastic day we had today! Noodle had been to the British Wildlife Centre near Lingfield before on a school trip. He loved the school visit and mentions it constantly. So, I decided to make the most of our last full day of the Easter holidays together.

We literally spent the whole day there. It’s not huge and even though they don’t open during the week in term time, it wasn’t crowded. Luckily, there was not a huge amount of walking involved, I’m very happily exhausted 🙂

There is a talk on various animals every 30 minutes throughout the day, some of which are repeated. We saw red squirrels, foxes, deer, otters, wild cats, badgers, hedgehogs, mink, polecats, pine martens, various species of owls and so much more. Noodle didn’t want to join all the talks as a typical 6 yr old, but he actually retained a huge, unexpected amount of information!

My favourite was definitely the owl flying display. I just find them so amazing. The eagle owl is huge but you cannot hear it fly AT ALL. Simply stunning and very hard to capture!

British wildlife centre

British wildlife centre

British wildlife centre

British wildlife centre

British wildlife centre

British wildlife centre

British wildlife centre

British wildlife centre

British Wildlife Centre

If you’re interested in visiting yourself, the centre is located just near Gatwick Airport, entry prices are very reasonable and they are usually only open during weekends and school holidays. Please visit their website for more information https://www.britishwildlifecentre.co.uk/planyourvisit.html 

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It’s been a while


It’s been three months since my last post. I have taken a break. There have been moments of worrying about the gap in posts but then I just decided that this is MY blog. I can do what I bloody well like with it!

So, what’s been keeping me otherwise engaged? Well, actually I’ve been quite busy. There’s been noodle’s and my birthdays, I have done lots of photography and I’ve been quite busy with Worthing Mums. Last summer I almost decided to give it up. I struggled to find content and purpose for the blog. I decided I wouldn’t renew the hosting package when it expired in December and just keep running the social media accounts.

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