Thanks for popping by. I’m Kat. I’m German but regularly forget because I’ve been living in the UK for so long. I am married and mummy to Noodle.

This blog is about a lot of things, and my goodness, I have rewritten this bio a dozen times. Mainly though, it is a diary about being a working mum, dreaming about the elusive work-life balance. After a recent health scare and subsequent diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, my focus has very much shifted to being healthy and looking after number one, no more diets, no more stress and lots more fresh air instead!

I write about what we get up to as a family and also about dealing with finding out about having a chronic illness.

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Stuff I write about

Family Life

Posts about our adventures as a family. We love to spend time outdoors and I write about it as much as I can.

Multiple Sclerosis & Me

Coping with a Chronic Illness. The Ups and the Downs. And all about how I'm trying to get better by helping myself.


A random collection of food I love with some old German recipes thrown in. Hoping to add some OMS recipes soon too.


Photography plays a huge part of my life now. It's my escape. I can forget about everything else when I'm trying to capture something.

30 Days Wild

We're doing it again this June! Follow us on our quest to do something WILD every day in June.