Sticking to One Child and Making Peace with it

not to have any more children

Currently there is a blog post sitting in my drafts that I started writing about 18 months ago.

At the time I had decided after a lot of deliberation, that I did want to go ahead and try for another baby. I had thought long and hard about it. Noodle was through the ‘worst’: sleeping well, out of nappies and generally fairly easy to look after. I knew what to expect with having a newborn but even being very realistic didn’t dampen my spirits. My mind was made up. Nothing was going to deter me.

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So, what is MS?

what is multiple sclerosis

So, what is Multiple Sclerosis (MS)?

You might have wondered and may have been too embarrassed to ask me. Well, 10 months ago, I was oblivious to it. It was something other people, much older people get. Since then I’ve found out quite a lot and I thought it might be quite useful to write about it here.

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Rainbow Cupcakes

rainbow cupckes

Like most kids, noodle absolutely loves getting involved with baking or cooking. Although it can be quite messy, I love this time I spend with him. We just put the radio on and cause complete mayhem around the dining table.

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